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Bathroom Renovations West Auckland

Renovating your Bathroom or En-suite ? Have you been wanting that new bathroom but don’t have the time to spend looking around? Have you got an idea but just don’t know where to start.

Bathroom renovations West Auckland is who we are and what we do! We can help you build your vision & beyond! With our knowledge and experience we can work with you to come up with the perfect layout within your budget for the Bathroom you want. Below are some simple ideas and price range ( all incl gst) you can expect your new bathroom to cost. When we come in to do your bathroom renovation we will make sure it is correct so you have peace of mind for the next 10 years knowing there will be no water leaks. We will explain to you exactly why all work carried out is done as it should be to the New Zealand 2011/ 3604 standards.

Healthier Bathroom Renovations

Some Examples:

  • Bathroom 1 Range $25K - $38K
    Bathroom 1
    Bathroom 1

    Has black & white tiles + red strip in black tiles , wall hung toilet in built system, vanity, heated towel rail + timer,under floor heating,Large floor tiles,3/4 safety screen, Monsune shower head with mixer.

  • Bathroom 2 Range from $15K-$20K
    Bathroom 2
    Bathroom 2

    Polished Matai flooring,New painted walls,shower over bath,Bath mixer,Shower mixer with slide,towel rail,wall hung vanity,new tap,new extractor fan,new bath screen,new bath lining,new Toilet flush back system,polished skirting & architraves also back of doors.

  • Bathroom 3 Range $20K - $30K
    Bathroom 3
    Bathroom 3

    New walk in shower no glass,wall hung vanity,built in mirror – cabinet, new bath,new toilet,half wall tiles,floor tiles,pebble tile style in shower floor,entire floor sloping to shower waste,new taps,new shower slider & mixer,bath spout + new mixer.

  • Tiled Shower Mangere
    Tiled Shower
    Tiled Shower

    Has a corner shower new Tiled 1m x 1m with glass shelving.

All above bathrooms have been carried out as per NZ 3604/2011 code. We have stripped each one and put up new Aqua line plaster boards our floors either get replaced with H3.2 plywood or 20mm compressed sheeting. We use only stainless steel screws to fix new flooring. All Tiled bathrooms are waterproofed by our Tiler with a permitted product. Tiler is also a Certified installer. Painting is done only with a water resistant paint product by our Top qualified painter. Our pipe work is also carried out by our trusted and Certified Plumber. We also use a Certified Electrician on all our electrical work for your & your insurance company’s peace of mind. We use profound products for our materials so you know it will last the distance as well as being installed by Trained & Qualified Builder.

Do I need a permit?

Permits are not required if the fittings are within 1.5M of the original fittings and Toilets are moved no more than 2m , so this is something else to take into consideration. Larger alterations will involve an architect and Permits. We can make all the necessary application’s to the council to acquire all permits needed for your bathroom Renovation.

Time Frame – On Time

No-one likes to be without their bathroom or toilet for too long and we should know this so we do our best to structure the work around the least inconvenience for our customers. (We have been known to rejoin the toilet overnight for the comfort of the householders!) In any event a standard bathroom renovation can take up to 10 working days from start to finish. We give you a fair warning on the time frame so that you can make arrangements with friends / Family to shower at their place. Good communication is the key – and a good relationship with you or/and your tenants is what we aim to do.